Site Excavations

Based on our talks with you or your plans, we will excavate your site to prepare for your building project. We’ve completed a lot of these.

Retaining Walls

We will build your retaining walls, built to last from New Zealand wood. For complex retaining wall design, we will work with your structural engineer.

Horse Arenas

One of our specialties is building horse arenas using lime through to wood chip, rubber and sand.


Footings are the foundations of your home. If they are not done right, you’ll be in trouble later on. At City Earthworks, we’ve done just about every type of footing you can think of so we’ll ensure your footings are completed to the highest standards.


All driveway works are considered, big or small. We can prepare your driveway only or do the whole job.

Post & Pile Drilling

From simple fence post drilling to complete house foundation drilling, give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Quarry Supplies

We supply all types of quarry materials – base course, sand, hard fill and drainage supplies to name a few.


Who doesn’t like demolitions? We sure do! And we are good at them.


We employ a drain layer when we are digging trenches and can offer a full service from renewing your sewer and storm water pipes at home to building soak pits and installing water retention tanks.